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1, strengthening the people-centered:
Culture should be carrier, is the first generation and bearing cultural elements. The corporate culture is not only refers to the entrepreneurs, managers, also reflected in all the staff of enterprises. Enterprise culture construction should emphasize care, respect, trust and understanding. Enterprise group consciousness formation, first of all the members of the enterprise is a common values, the same goal, to create a centripetal force, can become one with the overall effectiveness.
2, the list is consistent, avoid formalism:
Enterprise culture belongs to the category of ideology, but it through the enterprise or the worker's behavior and external form, it is easy to show form an exterior-interior inconsistent phenomenon. The building of enterprise culture must first from the worker's ideas, set up the correct values and philosophical ideas, based on the spirit of enterprise, and enterprise image formation, prevent formalism,. Not only can form good enterprise culture construction of enterprise culture and the concept of distortion.
3, a heterosexual:
An opposite sex is one of the most important features of enterprise culture. Culture is the history of the development of tissue in itself, the formation process. Every company has its own tradition and operating characteristics, enterprise culture construction should make full use of this point, the construction has its own characteristics of culture. Enterprises have their own characteristics, but also can be recognized by customers, in the forest and enterprise has a competitive advantage.
4, cannot ignore efficiency:
Enterprise is an economic organization, enterprise culture is a microeconomic organization culture, should have the economy. So-called economy, it is to show enterprise culture for enterprise's economic activities to improve service, be helpful for the enterprise economic benefit, and productivity for the survival and development of enterprises. In front of the discussion about the content of the enterprise culture, although not involve "economy" 2 words, but the construction and implementation of these content, never leave enterprise economic goals and seek the survival and development of enterprises. Therefore, the enterprise culture construction is an enterprise strategic problem, says the cultural strategy.
5, inherit the traditional culture essence
Marxism believes that: "people to create their own history, but they did not follow one's inclinationsly, but in direct encounter inherited from the past under the condition of creating." The selection of Marx and Engels (1), pp. 603, so also enterprise culture construction in China, it should be conducted on the basis of traditional cultural value, or enterprise culture development will lose the base, there is no life. Appreciation of traditional culture is developed, discard the dross and its essence. Chinese traditional culture of people-oriented thoughts, equality, pragmatism is worth appreciation of development. China's civilian-oriented thoughts from time immemorial quite strong, and to a certain extent, restricts the autocratic behavior. Socialist enterprise, laborer is master of enterprise, enterprise culture construction in nature for the important thoughts personalistic thought, and through this ideology, development and utilization of worker masses produces strong awareness of enterprise, take part in democratic management. China's ethnic equality, who insist that "people are many legends," this is for the Chinese revolution of the past. The development of value-added and thoughts of the modern enterprise culture construction for enterprise employees, will provide the opportunity for equal competition, distribution according to work and equal pay for equal work advocate the running mechanism. Pragmatic spirit requires people seeking truth from facts, modest and impetuosity diligently, upwards. If you can carry it will form arduous pioneering, and innovative spirit of enterprise. "SanLaoSiYan" daqing spirit "is the" iron national spirit value development.
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