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Founded in 1956 in January, "public private partnership wuxi pump factory."
1966-1969 was designed successfully trial-produced, the largest domestic 3 meters full adjustment vertical facture
1974-1976 design, successfully trial-produced Asia's largest vertical whole adjustment mixed flow pump impeller diameter (4.5 meters),
In 1981 20ZLB - 70 axial-flow won quality products. Jiangsu
December 1981 4.5m large agricultural machinery won first prize axial-flow
In 1983, 12HBC2-40 mixed flow pump national quality gold MEDALS
In 1986, the company introduced advanced hydraulic model tech-density
In 1988, December 8-200HWG of mixed flow pump rated national gold products
In 1988, national levels enterprises
In 1989 500HW - 6 mixed flow pump in jiangsu quality products
In 1994 won the national title of large industrial enterprises
In May 1996 through ISO9001 quality system certification
Dec. 1996 "river" brand pump was named jiangsu famous brand products
In 1997, the world bank loan of zhejiang YanGuan pumping station provides four 3800ZXB - 50-280 inclined axial-flow commissioning success
In 1998 for zhongshan east river project engineering of 9 3.2 meters provide reliable operation success. Vertical
In July 1999, ash pump, rain water pumps, pump products such as national electric net under 600 mw coal-fired units.
In 2000 QinZhou lead project in jiangsu province of 9 rivers provide two-way axial-flow independence 3.0m run successfully.
In 2001, provide for land reclamation of heilongjiang 20 large voltage operation submersible success.
In May 2001, wuxi pumps for the restructuring of wuxi tin pump manufacture Co., LTD.
March 2002 "river" brand pump was to protect consumers' rights and interests quality prestige brand.
September 2002 China general JiXieBeng industry key enterprises.
November 2002 don't as high-tech enterprise of jiangsu province.
In May 2003 as the world bank loan TaiPuHe pumping station of Shanghai engineering 6 Asia's largest 4.1 m inclined axial-flow successful commissioning.
July 2003 and Hitachi cooperation bid for the south-to-north water transfer project first pumping station construction provides four sets the shortcoming of similar products represent the highest level of the regulating guide vane mixed flow pump.
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