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Enterprise refers to an enterprise obtained from honor society and public awards and praise. Include government organizations of various prizes awarded selection, media and market research institutions, public awards through formal and informal channels for approval of the enterprise. Enterprise brand reputation of honor is an important form of brand, brand influence on enterprise still depends on the process of program, media publicity honor, public participation. Enterprise honor is measurable brand reputation index.
Enterprise credit is made public cognitive psychology transformation process, is the enterprise behavior of society, thus make resources and opportunities and support, and the ability to create value. Theoretically, the enterprise existing all information can be regarded as the enterprise prestige.
In 1996, stern business honorary professor Charles FengBuLan (Charles Fombrun) is clearly presented the definition: "enterprise credit enterprise credit is an enterprise all the past behavior and the results show that these behaviors and the synthesis of the enterprise to describe various stakeholders to provide valuable output ability." Enterprise credit and credit management theory in recent years started into the mainstream of management.

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