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In "management listed" series "performance, in shechem, in recent years, domestic in different industries, there are different levels of talents, to a certain extent, shortages have become more and more obvious. Therefore, how to find and training, optimization and reward talent, realize optimized talent management, personnel to create value than ever more important.
Generally speaking, people management by the five elements:
Recruitment and talents for the process to identify, evaluate, and attract the right employees.
Talent development
To help the development of each employee management, education, authentication and other learning activities.
Talent assessment
Use for employee performance management and coordination, monitoring, evaluation, and improve the performance of the authorized continuous flow.
Talent incentive
Through the salary management, will encourage and reward and performance expectations and associated enterprise target.
Personnel planning
Through the planning and allocation of human resources, will work with passion, with appropriate skills and experience of the employees assigned to the position, and the corresponding for the present and future development and recognition to the right candidates.
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