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The service content
1, on behalf of the installation and commissioning of consumer products, Service:
2, according to the consumer demand, on use of technical guidance, etc.
3,and ensure maintenance spare parts supply,
4,Responsible for maintenance services;
5 and product "3 packets", namely the guaranteed repair, replacement and return (now many people think product post-sale service is for "3 packets", this is a kind of special understanding),
6 and handle letters, solve consumer consumer consultation. While consumers in various ways to collect, product quality and timely according to improve.
High grade brand
Objectively speaking, the high quality post-sale service is the product of brand service economy, famous-brand products after-sales service often superior to hybrid product. Brand products of the brand enterprise service center of general prep above, on the one hand, the hybrid grid is based on product quality and cost, but also because of brand-name products sales strategy has been considered after-sales service costs.
Service system
From the service system, product post-sale service, both manufacturers provide direct, dealers, but more on manufacturers, sellers cooperation way to consumers. Whether consumers or business, should abide by the principle of good faith.
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